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About us

 CEO Keisu Y. Messelmani


Based on our experience of more than 25 years and the network we have built, we flexibly use various airlines and networks to provide optimal transportation solutions. We transport difficult-to-handle items such as biopharmaceuticals that require strict temperature control. We handle urgent transportation of artworks, dangerous goods.
We provide speedy international transportation solutions with our own customs brokers.
With 90 depots based in every city in Japan, our logistics engineers provide high-quality logistics solutions 24 h 365 days.

To the first class of special transportation.


We connect the world in the fastest, most secure and most unique way. We focus on safety and professionalism to provide a seamless and stress-free experience. We provide the highest quality service tailored to meet each customer's unique needs.

Connecting the world with first-class services


Services with ideas and technologies that are one step ahead of expectations

We believe that our customers' success is our success, and we are committed to providing the best possible service to help our customers achieve their goals.
Our vision is to constantly improve our services to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. We believe in pushing the boundaries of our business and setting new standards in the transportation industry.

We are passionate about providing the most innovative services and we strive to achieve this vision through creativity, dedication and excellence.



Nouri Messelmani

Dear valued friends and customers,
As the Founder of Hubnet Group which I established back 1996, I would like first to thank you for your continuous support . Prior to embarking into the business  environment by joining a Japanese trading house , I was an oil Painting Artist , graduated from The Fine Arts School of Paris . At that time I never imagined I would one day become an Entrepreneur . However , I realized that the process of creating an Art Piece or an Enterprise is exactly the same process ...
Both require a Vision , Creativity , Passion , Dedication and Hardwork . The process of building a business is as into creating a work of Art . Just as an Artist , paints on a blank canvas , an Entrepreneur starts with a blank slate and both create out of nothing unique forms and colors for the artist and new business venture and model also out of nothing !

When I established Hubnet , I envisioned a place where Art and commerce could coexist, in perfect harmony, and most importantly as any unique Artwork, a company shall be offering unparalleled services and goods which differentiate from any already existing offers.

After I laid the basic foundations of this group , I must  humbly admit it is time to pass the helm to the next generation . Keisu , my son , has all the qualities we require from the next Captain . Also as an Artist in the world of Movie Director and coached at Hubnet since his younger years I am confident he is the right Entrepreneur who will write  The Hubnet New Chapter of success . With his multi language skill , together with his talented Managers and highly experienced staff members of all his divisions , as a strong team they will continue delivering the best of The Premium Services and Products  while anticipating customers needs, innovating and creating services for the benefit of our Customers, our Employees and our stakeholders .

We remain your faithful friends and The Reliable Partner .



We strive to earn the trust of our clients, employees and partners by being honest and respectful in all our dealings. We aim to achieve both the quality and speed required in first class.


Honesty, Quality and Speed


The hubnet team is always very accommodating.

I would love to continue working with you.

 US contemporary art gallery representative

We appreciate your prompt responses and solutions to all requests.

UK fine arts transporter

Hubnet is a dedicated and reliable partner.

Overseas transportation company PIC

I am always grateful for your help.

Hubnet is our good partner.

PIC of  an embassy in Japan

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