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We acquired the certification of Compliant Management Labor Diagnosis

We are working on labor compliance and work style reform, aiming to create a working environment where employees can work safely and securely.

We have been certified as a company that conforms to the Management Labor Diagnosis.

Utilizing the J-credit system,
We did a carbon offset

The J-credit system is a system in which the government certifies the amount of CO2 emissions reduced through the introduction of energy-saving equipment and the use of renewable energy, and the amount of CO2 absorbed through appropriate forest management as "credits."
This system is a developmentally integrated system of domestic credit system and offset credit (J-VER) system, and is operated by the government.
We donated N95 masks to the Tokyo Medical Association

In response to the spread of the new coronavirus, we donated N95 masks to medical sites as relief supplies. We received a letter of appreciation from the Tokyo Medical Association.
The company name of Hubnet is posted on the following website.

医療機関への支援物資について(お礼) | 公益社団法人 東京都医師会 (
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