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As an IATA agent with more than 25 years of experience and experience, we flexibly make use of various routes and networks to provide optimal transportation solutions for urgent cargo.

Time critical transportation service

NFO (Next Flight Out)

As an IATA-certified forwarder, Hubnet secures cargo space directly from airlines, and utilizes its own network built up over 25 years to make full use of a variety of shipping routes to deliver cargo for urgent customers. Fast delivery in time.

Standard transportation service

From a single envelope to a large package, Hubnet will propose a transportation method that fits your budget. We also offer discounts for medium to large transactions.

Express courier

Hubnet will provide the most suitable door-to-door international express and express service according to the size, weight and quantity of the parcel.

​International hand carry

Like racing pigeons flying across five continents, we are the messengers of excellence standing by 24 hours a day, hand-carrying your most valuable cargo, confidential prototypes, tender documents, financial statements, IT or aircraft-related emergency parts. .

After arriving at the destination, the parcel will be delivered to the consignee by the fastest means.

Proof of delivery will be sent to him by email, fax or phone.


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