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  • 日本国内で集荷

  • 梱包

  • 倉庫保管・入出庫作業・仕分け作業

  • 輸出通関

  • コンテナ詰め作業・コンテナ輸送

  • 海上輸送手配

  • 海外での輸入通関

  • 配送


  • 海外の仕出地で集荷

  • 梱包

  • 倉庫保管・入出庫作業・仕分け作業

  • 海外での輸出通関

  • コンテナ詰め作業・コンテナ輸送

  • 海上輸送手配

  • 輸入通関

  • 配送



Ocean Cargo

Hubnet Ocean Cargo Division will strive to meet your needs for domestic and international logistics moves.

With our wide range of integrated services whether for FCL (Full Container Load) or LCL (Less Container Load) we will customize the right shipping solutions:


Door Pick-up collection

Warehousing & sorting

Export/Import Customs Clearance

Vanning/Devanning in/out Container

Ocean Freight

Door Deliverry at Destination


In addition we will assist you for shipping regulatory documents ,Insurance options and the best and competitive global logistics solutions.


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