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Quality Control




The quality control program of Hubnet Service and Products is managed by team of experts who are applying and maintaining our standard operation procedures and making our commitment to our customers of receiving the highest quality. Maintaining responsibility lies in determining the ultimate quality of our customized products and services.

Hubnet is committed to an excellent and strict quality control program that meets all International Good manufacturing storage practices for more than 16 years in transport and logistics retaining a staff that is dedicated to maintain it reputation in our industry.


Quality Control Procedures

Facility, Equipments & Vehicles : are all inspected daily to ensure that there are no failure, and working properly all freezers and its back-up equipment and components are verified, all equipments such as scales are tested for accuracy on a monthly bases. All UN Packaged are controlled and verification for compliance is curried at receiving / inbound and also when preparing for shipping outbound.

All gloves are verified and controlled.

Storage and supply of Dry-Ice is well in advance planned and back-up operation floor is confirming it daily.


Standard Operation Procedures:

Each Team : Import, Export, Logistics are designing all necessary phases. From Pre-Launching until execution they design a specific SOP, and consecutively they carry with the customers a flow charts and operation detailed manuals testing it and carry simulations and detecting any potential failure then address back-up solutions in case emergencies, recovery and rick managing the SOP from A to Z phases.

Hubnet aim to enhance our customers satisfaction through effective application of the SOP, including process and manuals of continued improvement and implementing applicable regulatory requirement.

Hubnet is supporting the achievement of sustained success of each clients project SOP.

Hubnet’s experts ensure a professional and vigorous high quality service delivery, leading to an improved outcomes and optimizing and customers satisfaction.

Thus, our QC by focusing on clear goals and achieving it objectives and insuring responsibility assignment which benefit the whole players within the trusted chain.







● 品質管理プログラム(管理システム)の有効かつ継続的に改善を行います。

● 年度品質目標を設定し、常に具体的に改善を行います。

● 全従業員がプログラム及び品質管理プログラムを理解することで、全社一丸となって高品質な輸送サービスの提供を致します。

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